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  Vocabulary and Structure I

  1. The rain was heavy, ____ the land was flooded.

  A) consequently

  B) however

  C) whatever

  D) but

  2. Copper ____ electricity .

  A ) cracks

  B) equips

  C) strikes

  D) conducts

  3. The police ____ the evidence by legal means that George murdered his wife.

  A) achieve

  B) gains

  C) obtained

  D) contained

  4. The court is not _____ hear your case

  A) competent to

  B) competent for

  C) capable of

  D) able to

  5. The education ____ for the coming year is about $ 4 billion, which is much more that

  what people expected .

  A) allowance

  B) budget

  C) reservation

  D) finance

  6. It is most ____ that he should attend the conference.

  A) good

  B) wanted

  C) doubtful

  D) desirable

  7. My sister’s wedding ____ with my exam so I couldn’t go and congratulate her.

  A) clashed

  B) collided

  C) disagreed

  D) contested

  8. The ____ between the two parties is now open

  A) hospital

  B) hospitality

  C) hostile

  D) hostility

  9. His wild behaviors was a great ____ to his mother

  A) disaster

  B) distress

  C) disease

  D) disgust

  10. You should ____ being late for your class

  A) avoid

  B) miss

  C) overtake

  D) leave

  11. She made a quick ____ from her illness and was soon back at work .

  A) decision

  B) recovery

  C) change

  D) promise

  12. With ____ winds ,a sailing ship could outrun a steam ship .

  A) profitable

  B) favorable

  C) advantageous

  D) beneficial

  13. I’d like to ____ this old car with a new model but I can’t afford it .

  A) exchange

  B) replace

  C) covert

  D) transmit

  14. He promised that he would take my proposal into ___

  A) notice

  B) account

  C) thought

  D) practice

  15. I prefer to put the meeting off ____ it without adequate preparations

  A) than hold

  B) rather than hold

  C) than to hold

  D) rather than to hold

  16. London is one of the important ___ centers of the world

  A) economical

  B) economic

  C) financial

  D) finance

  17. The speech which he made ____ the project has bothered me .

  A) being concerned

  B) concerned

  C) be concerned

  D) concerning

  18. Our school has a ____ of $ 10,000 to but books with.

  A) function

  B) funeral

  C) fundamental

  D) fund

  19. Will you please _____ all this rubbish ?

  A) remove

  B) transfer

  C) transport

  D) recover

  20. Messor Taylor’s talk has indicated that science has a very strong ____ on the everyday life

  on non –scientists as well as scientists

  A) motivation(商盟百科网chnore.com)

  B) perspective

  C) impression

  D) impact

  21. We took ____ under the trees when it rained

  A) shelter

  B) roof

  C) screen

  D) refuge

  22. It is ____for a person in his position to make such a mistake

  A) rare

  B) scarce

  C) usual

  D) rarely

  23. Computer science is an ____ subject for law students at our university ,and many students choose it

  A) optical

  B) option

  C) opponent

  D) optional

  24. Mr Morgan can be very sad ____ ,though in public he is extremely cheerful

  A) by himself

  B) in person

  C) in private

  D) as inpidual

  25. They had a fierce ____ as to whether their company should restore the trade relationship which was broken many years ago

  A) debate

  B) clash

  C) disagreement

  D) contest

  26. San Francisco is usually cool in the summer , but Los Angeles _____

  A) is rarely

  B) hardly is

  C) rarely is

  D) is scarcely

  27. By the time the talk is over , we ___ a lot about aeroplanes

  A) shall be learning

  B) are learning

  C) shall learn

  D) shall have learnt

  28. ____ would welcome such a chance

  A) Many man

  B) A many man

  C) Many a man

  D) Many a men

  29. It is generally thought to be of importance to a man that he ___ himself

  A ) knew

  B) know

  C) knows

  D) must know

  30. The meeting had to be ____ since they couldn’t reach agreement on the problem

  A) broken off

  B) broken out

  C) broken down

  D) broken away

  31. At the crossing there is an arrow ____ the direction to the Andrew Farm

  A) indicating

  B) to indicate

  C) indicated

  D) dictating

  32. The evidence ___ me in my opinin that they are lying

  A) conforms

  B) confirms

  C) confines

  D) confesses

  33. He ___ firewood with an ax

  A) chopped

  B) cut

  C) chained

  D) carved

  34. The tomato juice left a brown ___ on the front of my jacket

  A) spot

  B) point

  C) track

  D) trace

  35. Bad health ____ him to tesign from his job

  A) A enforced

  B) compelled

  C) forced

  D) competed

  36. They were very ___ in their demands but tremendous in their offer

  A) moderate

  B) modern

  C) model

  D) modest

  37. Some old people don’t like pop songs because they can’t ___ so much rise

  A) resist

  B) sustain

  C) tolerate

  D) undergo

  38. The forest fire caused by the volcano is too difficult to be ___

  A) put off

  B) put on

  C) put out

  D) put up

  39. You can borrow my bike ___ you return it to me tomorrow

  A) unless

  B) as long as

  C) so far as

  D) as soon as

  40. Jackson had to ____ in the middle of his speech because of shouts of protest from the audience

  A) break down

  B) break off(商盟百科网chnore.com)

  C) break out

  D) break up

  41. It’s high time we ___ severe measure against such vilolence

  A) are to take

  B) can take

  C) should take

  D) took

  42. This is one of such questions ___ are often asked by school boys

  A) which

  B) that

  C) as

  D) what

  43. She is so careless with her spelling that she often leaves ___ letters in some words

  A) out

  B) off

  C) alone

  D) behind

  44. It’s necessary that he ___ the dictionary immediately

  A) will return

  B) return

  C) returned

  D) has to return

  45. What is good and what is bad ___ only relative

  A) are

  B) were

  C) is

  D) was

  46. On our trip ___ we visited relatives in Belgium

  A) aboard

  B) abroad


  D) board

  47. The ____ country for the next Olympic Games is Japan

  A) host

  B) guest

  C) designer

  D) master

  48. The request was ____by the college committee that he could go where he was almost needed

  A) got

  B) gained

  C) given

  D) granted

  49. I have had my life ____

  A) insured

  B) secured

  C) assured

  D) ensured

  50. The student was just about to ____ the question , when suddenly he found the answer

  A) arrive at

  B) submit to

  C) work out

  D) give up

  51. It rained all day without ____

  A) stop

  B) relay

  C) ceased

  D) ceasing

  52. Weight is an inherent ____ of matter

  A) propriety

  B) prosperity

  C) property

  D) privilege

  53. The most ____ technological success in the twentieth century is probably the computer revolution

  A) prominent

  B) distinguished

  C) outstanding

  D) well-known

  54. The match was cancelled because most of the members ___ a match without a standard court

  A) objected to having

  B) were objected to have

  C) object to have

  D) were objected to having

  55. His achievement was more ____ in that he had come from such a poor family .

  A) popular

  B) famous

  C) understandable

  D) remarkable

  56. Their performance ____to be a great success

  A) turned away

  B) turned off

  C) turned out

  D) turned down

  57. I don’t think you have taken your duties ____

  A) carefully

  B) earnestly

  C) patiently

  D) seriously

  58. It is wise of you to ___ well-trained workers ____untrained ones on the assembly line

  A) substitute ….for …

  B) substitute …with

  C) replace ….by …..

  D) replace …with …

  59. He is ____in his judgment

  A) exact

  B) accurate

  C) correct

  D) definite

  60. Over a third of the population was estimated to have no ____to the health service

  A) assessment

  B) assignment

  C) exception(商盟百科网chnore.com)

  D) access

  61. Mary didn’t feel like going shopping alone , so she asked me to ____her to the market

  A) accommodate

  B) accord

  C) accompany

  D) accustom

  62. ___by the car , the child was unconscious for three days

  A) Hitted

  B) Being hit

  C) After being hit

  D) He being hit

  63. ____, th students decided to go for an outing

  A) A fine day

  B) Being a fine day

  C) A fine day as it was

  D) It being a fine day

  64. Peter said that he felt ___

  A) like seeing a film

  B) like to see a film

  C) to see a film

  D) about seeing a film

  65. Bob tried to work out the puzzle many times , but at last he became _____and gave up

  A) convinced

  B) discouraged

  C) disturbed

  D) disappointed

  66. Investors seem to be losing ____in the car industry

  A) belief

  B) confidence

  C) trust

  D) reliance

  67. After the campaign a special medal was ____ to all combants

  A) gained

  B) awarded

  C) earned

  D) deserved

  68. You have been guilty ____a serious blunder

  A) of

  B) with

  C) by

  D) in

  69. He concealed____me what his plans were

  A) of

  B) about

  C) from

  D) to

  70. He wins the enthusiastic ____of his hearers

  A) agreement

  B) consent

  C) harmony

  D) approval

  71. It was difficult to guess what her ____to the news would be

  A) impression

  B) reaction

  C) comment

  D) opinion

  72. No one can ____being influenced by advertisements

  A) suffer

  B) avoid

  C) keep

  D) hold

  73. The factory ____ its waste into the river

  A) escapes

  B) gathers

  C) dismisses

  D) discharges

  74. Money is often the ____of many porces

  A) motive

  B) cause

  C) reason

  D) discharges

  75. The ____side of his character has always preponderated over the emotional side

  A) reasonable

  B) rational

  C) unreasonable

  D) irrational

  76. Professor True ____all his students with his great knowledge of history

  A) pressed

  B) stirred

  C) impressed

  D) touched

  77. Man’s first walk on the moon was a stunning technological___

  A) success

  B) achievement

  C) succession


  78. He finished the work at the ____of his health

  A) cost

  B) waste

  C) loss

  D) consumption

  79. If an airplane is ___, it will certainly be smashed

  A) under control

  B) out of control

  C) lost control

  D) in control

  80. The point in ___-by correspondence is not whether we should do it but whether we can do it

  A) argument

  B) debate

  C) dispute

  D) controversy(商盟百科网chnore.com)

  81. I must find someone to act as a ____ for me during my absence

  A) delegate

  B) deputy

  C) representative

  D) agent

  82. In the future , more ____ should be placed on the education of the young

  A) stress

  B) significance

  C) weight

  D) emphasis

  83. His ____changes very quickly ;one moment he is cheerful, and the next he’s complaining about everything

  A) temper

  B) moods

  C) feeling

  D) sense

  84. We ___Edison’s success to his intelligence and hard work

  A) subject

  B) attribute

  C) owe

  D) refer

  85. This project has priority ___ all the others

  A ) to

  B) than

  C) over

  D) on

  86. I’d ____his reputation with other farmers and business people in the community, and then make a decision about whether or not to approve a loan .

  A) take into account

  B) account for

  C) make up for

  D) make out

  87. The twentieth century has witnessed an enormous worldwide political, economic and cultural ____.

  A) transmission

  B) transformation

  C ) tradition

  D) transportation

  88. The shy girl felt ____ and uncomfortable when she could not answer her teacher’s question .

  A) amazed

  B) awkward

  C) curious

  D) amused

  89. According to the American federal government, residents of Hawaii have the longest life ____ :77.2 years

  A) scope

  B) rank

  C) span

  D) scale

  90. My brother’s plans are very ____ ;he wants to master English ,French and Spanish before he is sixteen .

  A) abundant

  B) ambitions

  C) arbitrary

  D) aggressive

  91. In order to show his boss what a careful worker he was ,he took ____ trouble over the figures.

  A) extensive

  B) spare

  C) extra

  D) supreme

  92. It is important that the hotel receptionist ___ that guests are registered correctly

  A) has made sure

  B) made sure

  C) must make sure

  D) make sure

  93. Mobile telecommunications ____ is expected to double in Shanghai this year as a result of a contract signed between the two companies .

  A) potential

  B) possession

  C ) impact

  D ) capacity

  94. New York ___ second in the production of apples ,producing 850,000,000pounds this year.

  A) ranked

  B) occupied

  C) arranged

  D) classified

  95. The Car Club couldn’t___ to meet the demands of all its members.

  A) ensure

  B) guarantee

  C ) assume

  D ) confirm

  96. As we can no longer wait for the delivery of our order, we have to ___ it

  A) postpone

  B) refuse

  C ) delay

  D) cancel

  97. The manager spoke highly of such ___ as loyalty , courage and truthfulness shown by his employees

  A) virtues

  B) features

  C) properties

  D) characteristics

  98. Most broadcasters maintain that TV has been unfairly criticized and argue that the power of the medium is ____ A) granted

  B) implied

  C) exaggerated

  D) remedied

  99. I suggested he should ___ himself to his new conditions

  A) adapt

  B) adopt

  C) regulate

  D) suit

  100. In the Chinese household ,grandparents and other relatives play ___ roles in raising children.

  A) insensible

  B) indispensable

  C) incapable

  D) infinite